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Women in video games appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)




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the children + reunion

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my blog is a mixture of whatever with a bit of i don’t care and a light shade but it has to look pretty

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For Makoto who doesn’t talk about his fears,

Haru who doesn’t talk about his dreams,

Rin who doesn’t talk about his failures,

and Sousuke who doesn’t talk about his pain,

my heart is in a perpetual state of agony.

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HEY YOU!! *holds your hand* Yes, you. *places a flower crown on your head* I want you to know that I hope you are having a nice and wonderful day!! *hands you candy* If you aren’t then I’m sure time will pass those worries and stress along and I BELIEVE that you can make it through!! *pats your head and gives you a big hug* Remember not to push youself too hard !! ^ w ^ !!



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Marriage, Not Dating - Opening Titles

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I peeked at the living room and saw that the lights were on, so I went in and looked at the switch which was already off. Apparently it was sunlight and not a lamp and I stood there very done with myself.




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By 埜尤(のゆう)

*Permission to upload was granted by the artist

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Ghouls have feelings too. No different than humans do. Why don’t humans turn their attention toward that? Why don’t they try to understand? It’s something so obvious, so simple. Why aren’t ghouls allowed to live a normal life? I’m the only one who is aware of it; the only one who can communicate it. Only me; the ghoul and the human.  Humans and Ghouls should learn more about each other. So don’t tell me it’s only the ghouls who are messing up the world, humans do it too. If you can’t understand, I’ll make you understand.

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Imagine your icon braiding your hair.

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